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Convo entry 9 with Agony
Me: Hey Ag. I know we were going to talk about “him” this week but I just haven’t had the time to go through everything. So instead, lets talk about more positive things!
Agony: Fair enough.
Me: I’m really glad we finally have the time to draw now that I have been transferred to a closer Circle K. The place is super busy but you’re constantly on your toes so the time seems to go faster. I really do think the old place, outside of being too far away it was a pretty toxic environment.
Agony: Feeling bogged down and exhausted the moment you walk in the door didn’t make that apparent?
Me: It’s not that I didn’t know, its that I had to way to escape it until now. But things are different now!
Agony: On the subject of jobs, would you like to share about your little “going above and beyond the call of duty” story?
Me: Oh.. that Weeeell
*chuckles while rubbing her head in embarrassment*
Ok ok. I was tossing out boxes fro
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Impmon and Tsukaimon by ChibiAbsol Impmon and Tsukaimon :iconchibiabsol:ChibiAbsol 10 0 Free me from these chains by ChibiAbsol Free me from these chains :iconchibiabsol:ChibiAbsol 11 10
Conversation with Agony 8
Me: So we had our first therapy session yesterday.
Agony: It was a rehash of the last one. Since we got a different person than last time.. personally I think we just wasted $5 because he didn't give us any advice at all. We just scratched the surface of everything that's happened to us.
Me: We need to give it time.. the next visit should be more beneficial. Why don't we talk about all the stuff that happened to us in school so that we know what to tell him and we aren't jumbling over our words about it.
Agony: You wanna open up old wounds?
Me: They never healed to begin with... If we talk about it, he can probably help us. I've been so tight lipped about everything thats happened that no one knew I was bullied... we need to tackle this head on. Next week we'll work on everything that "he" did to us.
Agony:... This is gonna be a painful discussion... but alright.
Me: *sigh*... yeah.
Do you remember Woody? My Toystory doll?
Agony: Well yeah, he's still in storage. Beaten to shit but you
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Convo entry 7 with Agony
Me: So we finally got around to talking to a therapist! She seemed nice but honestly  being in that waiting room... I was sweating bullets.. I don't exactly like meeting new people and I could barely make eye contact with her at all. Heh... She was asking if I was ok because of how much I was fidgeting.
Agony: You know she doesn't really care, right? She's PAID to care.
Me: I'm at a point where I need a helping hand in life so I don't just lose it and potentially hurt myself like I almost did the last time. Paid or not, at least she has to follow my wishes in not taking anti-depressants.
Agony: ... fuck pills...
Me: Yeah. That's something we both can agree on. Paxil was horrible... I never want to relive that.
Agony: So what is this gonna be a thing that you go to the place wasting about 2 to 3 hours of your time mostly in travel just so you can talk to someone that'll tell you stuff you already know AND you have to spend $5 that you could put towards food instead?!
Me: I know it
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Convo entry 6 with Agony
Me: Hey.
Agony: Hey...
Me: So... things we a little depressing yesterday.
Agony: ...
Me: ... Last time you told me to believe in my own talents... but.. this time you shunned me and kept telling me to quit. Why?
Agony: Because no one really cares. They say "Oh cool!" and move on with their day. Entertainment for all about 3 seconds isn't worth 4 or more hours of labor...
Me: ... But I like to draw. Always have. Why do you get so mean right after I finish something?
Agony: You expect to see a flood of compliments the moment you press that button like one day you'll be noticed by some company. You're so fucking naive it makes me want to puke... You're a speck in the population of so many better artists. Face it. You're just average. You'll NEVER get anywhere. You'll be stuck working at Circle K until the day you die.
Me: .... stop it...
Agony: Am I wrong?
Agony: You don't want to believe me. You want to keep on dreaming that one day you'll finally hav e your dream job, mov
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Conscious by ChibiAbsol Conscious :iconchibiabsol:ChibiAbsol 9 8
Convo entry 5 with Agony
Me: Alright. It’s been a while. Sorry for that.
Agony: Tch. Whatever.
Me: I was busy. In between seeing my boyfriend, moving, and work I had no real time to sit down a relax aside from sleeping. But now I finally have the time.
Agony: Why must you always have to “make time” to talk to me? Taking care of yourself should be top priority.
Me: It should but I have responsibilities I have to take care of. Work especially unless I wanna end up homeless..
Agony: *grimaces*
Me: Well if anything else, I should be able to take it easy at work tonight because my boss can’t get mad at me for going a little slower.
Agony: Because you had your crater of a tooth removed?
Me: Exactly!! :D
Agony: Hmmp.. You know that working tonight is gonna suck regardless of how “easy” you take your pace.
Me: Fair point but a job is a job. I’ve been there for 4 years and don’t see my occupation ending any time soon unless I win the lottery or get noticed for my a
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Convo entry 4 with Agony
Me: *heavy breathing* Why am I like this? Why must I suck at social interactions? ... He totally thinks I'm a spaz...
Agony: You really fucked up this time.
Me: I'm trying so hard... I just want to be happy. We were having a good time but I did something stupid and now he has to leave. I completely screwed up the conversation. Instead of asking him to clarify what he said, I just assumed and made things awkward...
Agony: Mm-hmm.
Me: What do I do?
Agony: Nothing
Me: Ag.. I have shivers...
Agony: You can either accept that you're a fuck-up and let me call you that or you can do something productive like do the dishes or do that "specific" thing he asked you to do and you said yes to. Or "gasp", you can have fun. But instead you freaked out after he left to buy pizza for you both and are an emotional wreck. That wasn't even my doing to make you feel like that. You did that to yourself.
Me: ... Ag. I don't wanna feel like this...
Agony: Then do something aside from having an emotio
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Cirrus the Castform normal concept art by ChibiAbsol Cirrus the Castform normal concept art :iconchibiabsol:ChibiAbsol 3 0 Aysha the Jynx concept art by ChibiAbsol Aysha the Jynx concept art :iconchibiabsol:ChibiAbsol 4 2 Agony and me by ChibiAbsol Agony and me :iconchibiabsol:ChibiAbsol 5 2
Convo entry 3 with Agony
Me: Hey, Ag? I wanna try and do something a bit different today. I always ask you questions but why don't we do this? Ask me a question.
Agony: Isn't that a bit backwards logic? You're trying to learn about me. I know everything about you.
Me: Well.. maybe we can learn even more things about eachother this way. Its pretty dead at work tonight and I figured that my thoughts are clear enough for us to talk right now. So how about it?
Agony: Then let me ask you this... who are you really trying to impress with your art? Why does it matter at all that you pursue it?
Me: Because... without it... I'm nothing. Drawing and singing is all I'm good for.
Agony: Alicia.. Were you born with a pencil in your hand?
Me: Well... no.
Agony: Did you have a tablet or computer the moment you entered the world?
Me: ...No.
Agony: You weren't born an artist. You became one. So why does it matter when you complete a picture, comic, or even a novel?
Me: ...
Agony: You're so caught up in wanting peo
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Convo entry 2 with Agony
Me: Alright. Let's talk. A lot has happened in a week.
Agony: Yeah... a friggin bomb shell fell on us!
Me: Well... this is true but we can't do anything today to fix it. Our friends are helping though!
Agony: Aren't you worried about being homeless?
Me: Of course I am. Wouldn't be the first time... but I have more connections now and money coming my way. They gave us 15 days to move the trailer. That should be plenty.
Agony: I outta strangle whoever called code enforcement on us.
Me: Don't do that. They were being petty, yes. But violence will get us no where.
*deep breath*
We need to focus on the trip to see my boyfriend. Let's talk about that. :3
Agony: What's there to talk about? You're excited to see him. That's great. But aside from rehashing previous info, there's no conversation there.
Me: Meh. We got the money converted today!
Agony: Woopdeedoo..
Me: C'mon Ag! Look at this money! Its so much prettier than US currency! ^w^
Agony: And its going to disappear once you spend it all
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Convo entry 1 with Agony
*I sit down down with a bowl on Mac and cheese*
Me: Ok, Ag. This is the first convo I'm recording. Whatcha wanna talk about?
Agony: Well for starters, you forgot to buy more cold medicine again, dumbass. You hacking up a lung like that is annoying.
Me: >.> Gee thanks. Look don't worry, I'll buy more medicine during sunlight. Dollar Tree isn't open at 4 AM.
Agony: You had every oppertunity when you got off the bus after playing Pokemon Go. Yet you didn't.
Me: You and I both were tired. C'mon. ;^; Cut me some slack here.
Agony: Excuses..
Me: Well aside from the medicine deal, how are you?
Agony: Content I suppose. Nothing to really complain about.
Me: Well thats good. ^w^ I'm excited to see him! Just two more weeks! YAY!
Agony: *chuckles* You know, I was iffy about him first--
Me: You're iffy about everyone at first, ya dork. xD
Agony: Ha ha >.> Very funny. But in all seriousness, I pushed him away seeing if he really did care. I was worried about... being hurt again.
Me: ...Oh. Well I k
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Off to save Boo! by ChibiAbsol Off to save Boo! :iconchibiabsol:ChibiAbsol 40 9


9U: To Justify Us, pt. 9-10 by Jenny-Jen 9U: To Justify Us, pt. 9-10 :iconjenny-jen:Jenny-Jen 139 29 Kingdom Hearts III -Were All Monsters Here by DayOfNone Kingdom Hearts III -Were All Monsters Here :icondayofnone:DayOfNone 96 2 7 by zenshinibuu 7 :iconzenshinibuu:zenshinibuu 274 95 Sweet Furry Fish Son by ShamelessMagic Sweet Furry Fish Son :iconshamelessmagic:ShamelessMagic 110 11 Monster Sora! by smashega Monster Sora! :iconsmashega:smashega 103 16 Monster Sora by SleepyGrim Monster Sora :iconsleepygrim:SleepyGrim 575 22 Sora's Monsters Inc Design by Uzucake Sora's Monsters Inc Design :iconuzucake:Uzucake 52 2 Are You Scared? by nerrax Are You Scared? :iconnerrax:nerrax 10 1 Monster Sora by Lashialee Monster Sora :iconlashialee:Lashialee 427 20 A good monster boy by Waterdrain A good monster boy :iconwaterdrain:Waterdrain 51 2 monster sora by extyrannomon monster sora :iconextyrannomon:extyrannomon 331 16 Monster Sora by HollyRoseBriar Monster Sora :iconhollyrosebriar:HollyRoseBriar 75 9 Monsters Inc. Sora [Kingdom Hearts 3] by Domenica-chan999 Monsters Inc. Sora [Kingdom Hearts 3] :icondomenica-chan999:Domenica-chan999 39 0 Monster Sora by Rick-Elfen Monster Sora :iconrick-elfen:Rick-Elfen 67 5 We scare because we care by Puli-wind We scare because we care :iconpuli-wind:Puli-wind 51 4 MONSTERS INC SORA by Kipaki MONSTERS INC SORA :iconkipaki:Kipaki 75 8


Its been a long time but I'm finally getting on my feet again. I have more time because I'm being transferred to a closer store as of the 18th of June 2018.

As of this new job, I should be able to dedicate 20-30 hours each week to art (giving me some room for fun and my own personal art of course)


Sketchy art ($5) (ie example)  Favorite Pokemon Absol by ChibiAbsol The Great Papyrus by ChibiAbsol

Lineart ($9) (ie example) Agony and me by ChibiAbsol Ink the Demon by ChibiAbsol

Pokémon battle sprites ($9 for the front, $18 for both) (ie example) Mewtwo sprite by ChibiAbsol  Flygon Gold and Silver by ChibiAbsol  Flygon Red and Blue by ChibiAbsol

Basic pixel art ($14) (About 8-10 color shades) (ie example)  Bendy pixelart by ChibiAbsol 

Grey scale full body picture ($18 per character) (ie example) Sammy Lawrence by ChibiAbsol Alice Angel by ChibiAbsol Jaiden by ChibiAbsol Handshake by ChibiAbsol
Grey scale large bust ($23 per character) (ie example) You try too hard to be mean by ChibiAbsol Boris by ChibiAbsol Conscious by ChibiAbsol
Cell shade group pic ($27 for a group of 5) (Add $5 for every extra character) (ie example) Easter Pokemon (2010) by ChibiAbsol
Photo edited with characters ($27) (ie example) Niiiice kitty.... by ChibiAbsol
Cell shaded character with basic digital background ($32, add $9 for an additional character) (Just the cell shaded character is $9)(ie example) Vengeful Toon by ChibiAbsol
Single character colored pencil ($32, $16 more for any additional character) (ie example) Agony by ChibiAbsol My guardian demon by ChibiAbsol

Advanced pixel art ($63) (About 16-20 colors) (ie example) Seeker Henry by ChibiAbsol
Colored pencil group ($72) (ie example) All of me by ChibiAbsol Bendy's Band by ChibiAbsol
HD soft shaded character with basic background ($81) (ie example) Senyara and Lucia (Commission) by ChibiAbsol Let the show begin! (Commission) by ChibiAbsol Off to save Boo! by ChibiAbsol Impmon and Tsukaimon by ChibiAbsol

HD soft shaded with detailed background ($162) (ie example) Art of music by ChibiAbsol Free me from these chains by ChibiAbsol

What I can draw

-Nudity (You MUST be 18+ to request this)
-Furry (Includes furry x human)
-Straight, homosexual, and gender-bent relationships.
-Super-aged characters for more mature pictures (ie Ash and Misty)
-NSFW (it'll be censored here but I can put the full picture up on my Tumblr. You must be 18+ to ask for this)

What I will NOT draw

-Fetish art (ie diaper, scat, flatulence, inflation, super obesity, vore, foot fetish, tickle fetish, and there's probably more than that but those are the major ones)
-Lolicon/pedophilia (if you ask for this at all, I'm blocking you immediately)
-Hate art/bullying triggers
-Art that promotes suicide

With all that out of the way, if you wish to purchase my art, my Paypal is here. :3

Thank you and have a good day guys! \(^w^)/



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